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Forum Guidelines & Tips

As with any online forum, there are a few rules:

  • Site Members Only – Sign up here.
  • Etiquette – Be Nice. Rude comments, foul language, etc. are strictly prohibited. Anyone breaking this rule WILL be removed from the forum and site member list. Make sure any media you post also follows these rules.
  • Stay On Point- Try to keep your submissions within the right Forum and Topic. If you can’t find the right Forum, you can create your own below. Try to use this sparingly, and give due diligence in trying to find a forum and topic that is right for your post first. You can use the search bar, or take a look at the Topic Cloud to help you with this. If we feel that your new Forum or Topic is redundant, we’ll have to erase it, and we really don’t want to do that.
  • Use Gravatars – This isn’t required, but it’s really cool. Gravatars are “globally recognized avatars” that are used within this site and millions of others. When you post something, you get a little icon or pic next to you info. Learn more here.

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